Reporting Software for Cannabis Cultivators and Processors

SilverLeaf is a leading cannabis ERP solution that provides reporting tools and integrations to access vital business trends and metrics.

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    Cannabis operators often face challenges managing their businesses with multiple systems and spreadsheets, which makes gathering and consolidating data time-consuming and inefficient. An end-to-end seed to sale software solution can significantly help by offering visibility, waste reduction, compliance integrations, and enhanced profitability.

    SilverLeaf is a leading cannabis software solution that provides tools and integrations to access vital business trends and metrics. This allows operators to streamline manual processes and utilize real-time data to optimize performance and safeguard profits.

    SilverLeaf is a seed to sale ERP solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry to address the difficulties associated with disconnected systems. It is built on top of the industry-leading ERP, Microsoft Business Central.

    With SilverLeaf, cannabis operators can effortlessly create custom reports, use Power BI, and monitor specific KPIs in real-time, ultimately elevating their cannabis operations to new heights.

    In this recorded webinar, Rain Carpenter from the marketing team at Silverleaf introduces the presenters, Sara Silver and Matt Goodson, who discuss mastering cannabis operations with reporting and business intelligence. During the webinar, the presenters demonstrate the capabilities of Power BI in the context of the cannabis industry and how it can be effectively used to create insightful reports and dashboards. Throughout the webinar, various examples of Power BI reports are showcased, emphasizing their usefulness in streamlining operations, improving productivity, and making informed business decisions.

    The key takeaways from the webinar can be summarized in four sections:

    • Introduction to Power BI and its integration with SilverLeaf: The presenter introduces Power BI as a versatile tool for creating interactive and customizable reports, emphasizing how it integrates seamlessly with SilverLeaf and other Microsoft Office products. This integration enables users to access and interact with their dashboards and reports within the SilverLeaf platform.
    • Demonstration of generic Power BI reports: The presenter provides a walkthrough of generic Power BI reports related to sales data and inventory management. The examples highlight how interactive and dynamic the reports can be, allowing users to filter and drill down into the data to uncover insights and trends.
    • Custom Power BI reports for specific customers: The webinar showcases several custom Power BI reports designed for different clients, demonstrating the adaptability and versatility of Power BI to cater to various business needs. These reports cover a wide range of topics, such as harvest reports, unscheduled orders, delivery tracking, and productivity tracking for pickers and packers. The presenter and Matt discuss the challenges clients faced before implementing Power BI and how these custom reports helped streamline processes, save time, and make better decisions.
    • Additional Power BI report examples and closing remarks: In the final section, Matt Goodson shares more examples of Power BI reports he has worked on, including extraction process planning and trim tracking. These reports help clients optimize their operations, provide incentives for employees, and ensure efficient workforce management.

    By watching this webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of how Power BI can be utilized to create powerful and interactive reports that help cannabis businesses streamline their operations, make data-driven decisions, and improve overall productivity. The various examples and use cases presented throughout the webinar serve to highlight the versatility and adaptability of Power BI in addressing the unique challenges faced by the cannabis industry.

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