Maintaining a financially healthy business and understanding cash flow, revenue forecast, and AR/AP implications is vital to the success of any cannabis operation – and can be hard to achieve with multiple spreadsheets and disconnected systems.

SilverLeaf, built directly on top of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, meets the core financial ERP requirements of the cannabis industry, enabling cannabis cultivators, processors, and distributors to have all their data in one centralized space and gain access to key business KPIs in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Financial Reporting
  • Data Integrity
  • Item Cost Analysis
  • Multi-Entity Support


  1. Prepare financial statements with a click of your mouse.
  2. Create audit trails to track data changes in real-time and see changes by each user. Establish a single source of truth to assure data accuracy and consolidated financial reporting.
  3. Use standard, average, LIFO, or FIFO cost method to track inventory costs which can include overhead, machinery, and labor costs.
  4. Easily set up, create, and manage multiple entity relationships.
  5. Create the necessary regulatory reporting for your jurisdiction.


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Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets.

Having a clear understanding of the financial state of the business is crucial to becoming a key player in the cannabis market and growing your operation. Streamline and increase efficiencies across your financial management with SilverLeaf.

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