With SilverLeaf’s manufacturing and processing tools, cannabis operators, processors, and cultivators, can gain control over production schedules and purchasing decisions leveraging real-time timeline and inventory insights. Proactively manage recalls and enhance profitability through accurate inventory data and comprehensive product cost visibility.

Key Features:

  1. Complete production management and scheduling​
  2. Lot tracing with forward and back traceability​
  3. Track component, labor, indirect costs and variances​
  4. Ad hoc consumption scanning


  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of projected production timelines to easily know when things will be made and what to buy to stay on schedule.
  2. Stay prepared for recalls with instant access to product tracing information and precise inventory data.
  3. Ensure the accuracy of your inventory records, minimizing discrepancies between actual stock levels and recorded quantities. This accuracy facilitates better decision-making, reduces the risk of stockouts or excess inventory, and enhances overall operational efficiency.
  4. Enhance visibility into product costing by gaining clear insights into the various expenses associated with production. This comprehensive understanding empowers you to make more informed pricing decisions, optimize cost-saving strategies, and effectively allocate resources for maximum profitability.

Bill of Materials

At SilverLeaf, you have the power to create a Bill of Materials (BOM) for every item, with the flexibility to generate as many BOM levels as your operation requires. The BOM Structure provides a comprehensive breakdown of all components needed to produce an item, revealing each layer down to the smallest constituent. Moreover, it offers valuable insights into the work center capacity utilized for product manufacturing, granting you full control over your production processes.

Bill of Materials

Planning Worksheet

Planning Worksheet

The Planning Worksheet is the central hub where all your MRP and MPS (Master Production Scheduling) plans seamlessly converge. Within this user-friendly interface, you can execute the Planning Worksheet against a range of critical factors, including demand forecasts, existing inventory, ongoing production, sales, and purchase orders. The outcome is a well-populated Planning Worksheet that offers insightful suggestions for purchases and production orders, all aligned with inventory demand due dates.


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Boost Your Profits with Real-Time Insights

To scale your business, you need access to timely business information – at your fingertips. Consolidating multiple spreadsheets takes too much time.

With SilverLeaf, harness the power of timely insights, precise inventory management, and comprehensive product cost visibility to effectively elevate production control, be well-equipped for recalls, and strengthen your bottom line.

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