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  1. Streamlining Cannabis Cultivation and Production to Drive Profitability

    Sara Silver
    For cannabis growers and producers, streamlining production to drive profitability is about end-to-end planning. It starts with forecasting sales to plan the resources (people and equipment) you need so your growing and production processes meet the customer demand. Along the way, you need to factor in state testing and quarantining requirements as well as how…
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  2. Cannabis oil potency and yield

    Ensuring Cannabis Product Quality and Potency Yield

    Sara Silver
    Product quality and potency yield: the cornerstones on which every cannabis producer builds their business. The quality of your finished products gets customers to buy from you and keeps them coming back. The potency yield you generate from the plants you process will greatly impact your production capabilities. The greater the THC and CBD yield,…
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  3. Hand Holding bottle of cannabis

    Top Cannabis Companies: Cura Cannabis Solutions Makes the Move from Good to Great

    Phil Wittmer
    In my last post, I considered the core principles condensed from Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, to see how they could be applied to the growing cannabis space. Coincidentally, about that same time, our client, Cura Cannabis Solutions (Cura), announced its acquisition by industry giant, CuraLeaf (OTCMKTS: CURLF), one of the top cannabis companies. One can’t help but recognize that Cura is a real-world example of a company that is making that…
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