Cannabis is a highly regulated industry, with state-by-state specifics for meeting compliance and regulatory processes. SilverLeaf strengthens your compliance strategy with greater controls, real-time insights, and key industry integrations.

Key Features:

  • Auditable Financials
  • Deep Integration Capabilities
  • Flexible Workflows and Operational Controls
  • Quality Management Program


  1. Accurately capture, maintain, and report upon financials and operational data.
  2. Integrate directly with state compliance systems (Metrc) and order entry portals (LeafLink) eliminating duplicate manual data entry.
  3. Define, track, and adjust workflows to ensure consistency while adapting to change.
  4. Yield measurement attributes for clear visibility into quality and yield of your products today and where you want those numbers to be in the future.
  5. Track raw material usage through to finished goods to determine any potential issues in your cannabis product quality.

Recent Insights

Compliance is King

5 Ways Cannabis Growers and Processors Can Maintain Compliance

In cannabis, compliance truly is king. Learn the five ways cannabis growers and processors can easily maintain compliance using SilverLeaf.

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Unlock Greater Controls for Regulatory Success

The cannabis industry is evolving at an astounding pace. With SilverLeaf’s regulatory compliance tools, integrate and reconcile data with state tracking systems (e.g. Metrc, BioTrackTHC, Leaf Data Systems), support the execution of y280e strategy, track and maintain state and local business tax requirements for cannabis growers (sales, excise, cultivation). Utilize auditable financials, with robust tracking of system usage throughout, and support GAAP and IFRS environments. All these necessary system integrities, process assurances, and tools are built into the SilverLeaf solution.

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