With SilverLeaf’s sales and delivery tools, experience streamlined license management, efficient sales, and compliant delivery tracking – enabling omnichannel sales opportunities for comprehensive business growth.

Key Features:

  1. License management​
  2. Sales manifest generation ​
  3. Delivery dispatch with chain of custody tracking​
  4. Integration with wholesale distribution platforms such as LeafLink


  1. Gain a single source of truth. Enter data in one place for the ultimate truth. Keep things accurate and consistent across the board. This approach not only streamlines data management but also eliminates confusion from using different sources.
  2. Get things done faster without breaking the rules. Maintain efficiencies within the operation while maintaining compliance, so you don’t have to worry.
  3. Opportunity for omnichannel sales: Reach more customers online and offline.

Variant QTY Matrix

SilverLeaf empowers users to streamline their sales order entry process. Entering sales orders by variant (or strain) is as simple as specifying the desired product type and clicking the ‘Variant QTY Matrix’ button. This action provides instant access to all available strains for that product, complete with real-time visibility into each strain’s availability, quantities allocated to existing sales orders, and quantities in progress on production orders. This user-friendly tool accelerates the entire sales order entry workflow, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Variant QTY Mix

Send QC Docs from Sales Orders

Send QC Docs from Sales Orders

When QC results are associated with the produced products, our sales and delivery team gains the ability to swiftly and effortlessly provide customers with QC (Certificate of Analysis) test results. This seamless process ensures that your customers receive the necessary quality assurance documentation without delay.

Product Delivery Tracking

Within CBC, our Product and Cash Delivery Tracking features provide you with an unwavering chain of custody for your products and payments. The process is seamless: sign off before leaving your facility with cannabis products and have the dispensary’s intake member sign to finalize the delivery. When collecting payment, users can conveniently input the collected dollar amount, whether it’s cash or a check, sign for it, and sign once more upon safely returning the payment to your facility. It’s a robust system that ensures both your products and payments are handled securely and accounted for at all times.

Product Delivery Tracking


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In the dynamic cannabis landscape, efficiency, accuracy, and growth are paramount. By centralizing your data, ensuring compliance, and increasing efficiencies, SilverLeaf’s comprehensive suite of features will enable your cannabis operation with the tools needed to stay competitive and successful in today’s market.

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