Enhance your planning process by leveraging yield predictions, leading to cost savings, simplified compliance management, and improved overall efficiency in your cannabis operation.

Key Features:

  • Track costs associated with cultivation​
  • Predict yield by location and strain, with seasonality ​
  • Complete plant tracking by tag throughout your facility​
  • Destruction Tracking​
  • Label Printing ​
  • Metrc integration to track all plant activities


  1. Optimize production planning with yield estimation, reducing waste and meeting demand accurately.
  2. Understand cultivation costs from start to finish, enabling cost-effective decision-making.
  3. Stay compliant effortlessly with automated integrations, avoiding penalties and operational disruptions.
  4. Streamline workflows by minimizing duplicate data entry, saving time and ensuring data accuracy.


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Transform Your Cannabis Planning Efforts Today

Identifying efficiencies and streamlining processes are crucial to becoming a key player in the cannabis market. With SilverLeaf, enhance production planning with accurate yield predictions, minimize waste, and meet demand effectively. Gain cost insights for smarter decisions, effortlessly stay compliant through automation, and boost efficiency by reducing data entry redundancy.

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