CBD COA: Process of Certificate of Analysis for Retail Cannabis

With an emphasis on compliance, SilverLeaf allows for an integrated solution with Microsoft D365 BC, designed to streamline CBD COA management.

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    Streamlining the Process of Sending Certificate of Analysis (COA)  to Retail Cannabis Customers 

    To help cannabis retailers maintain compliance with state regulations, suppliers need to provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an independent testing company that proves products meet safety and quality specifications. Retailers need proof that products are safe for use by consumers and that the quality will meet customer expectations.  

    The key for suppliers in managing COAs is to streamline the process. You don’t want your staff spending a lot of time manually searching through boxes and file folders.  

    That is where SilverLeaf for Cannabis can help. The comprehensive and user-friendly solution integrates all the functions you need to optimize your cannabis business on top of the best-in-class ERP platform: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

    SilverLeaf’s CBD COA Integrated Solution

    Within the Quality Control (QC) module, SilverLeaf provides several features to streamline the process of printing and emailing COAs to retail customers: 

    • Attach COA results to QC documents.  
    • Organize COA and QC documents to enhance accessibility.  
    • Integrate COAs with sales orders, allowing for quick retrieval.  
    • Associate specific lots and metrics to inventory items. 

    With the ability to save and send COA documents directly to customers, SilverLeaf eliminates manual searches of boxes and folders. This feature also streamlines communications to enhance the customer experience and to provide an assist in their compliance efforts.  

    To learn more about how SilverLeaf streamlines the management of COAs, watch this demo by Ben Marchi-Young, the SilverLeaf for Cannabis Senior Product Owner at Velosio. Ben will show you how to quickly attach COAs to quality control results associated with specific sales orders and deliver them to your retail customers. 

    SilverLeaf for Cannabis delivers functionality for financials, production, inventory, shipping, and other vital workloads, so you can easily manage, measure, and track performance to keep your operation growing. Too see a demo, contact us today. 



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