Using Master Variants in SilverLeaf to Manage Cannabis Strains

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP platform—provides the answer to cannabis strain management challenges.

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    With cannabis strains changing regularly and new strains constantly emerging, it’s enough to make your head spin trying to track strains across multiple items. Cannabis operators need an easy way to create and assign strains to items so they can measure the revenue each strain generates and whether customers are satisfied with each strain. Operators also need fast access to strain inventory levels so they can efficiently manage sales orders as well as purchase orders, production, and transfers.

    SilverLeaf for Cannabis—which runs on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP platform—provides the answer to these cannabis strain management challenges.

    The SilverLeaf master variant feature provides the flexibility to easily adjust the master data of existing strain attributes and assign new strains to your items.

    Many of our customers also appreciate how they don’t have to create a new item master record for every strain. They simply set up core item records and then apply one or many master variants or strains to those items. They can then manage, transact, and report on every item by strain.

    SilverLeaf In Action

    In this demo, we demonstrate working with vape cartridges and their bill of materials on the item screen in SilverLeaf. Let’s say you have a case of 24 half-gram cartridges. You don’t have to assign a vape cartridge for every strain. Instead, you create master variants and set the specific attributes such as the strain type and the percentage of ingredients you want to obtain in each strain.

    When working with items, you can assign one strain or multiple strain variants to one product or multiple products—all at once. The items and their variants can then be transacted on and tracked at the item level by strain variant. You can also create stock-keeping units and block any variants you don’t want to use again. Another handy function is the ability to automatically upload variant data into your state track & trace seed-to-sale system.

    Within sales orders, you can easily identify the strain variants that are available to sell—via the SilverLeaf variable quantity matrix—and pick how many of each strain to allocate to the order.  With the ability to manage strains, you can also analyze the inherent effects of different strains and reinforce a specific emotional response with the right branding. For example, you can measure custom combinations of CBD, THC, and CBN to create different experiences with edible gummies.

    Learn More

    To learn more about how to manage cannabis strains and the many capabilities SilverLeaf for Cannabis provides, check out our YouTube page to see other demos of SilverLeaf in action. You’re also welcome to schedule a one-on-one live demo of SilverLeaf.










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