Helping Cannabis Operators Achieve Digital Transformation

Achieving digital transformation enables cannabis operators to streamline workflows and gain real-time access to data.

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    Achieving digital transformation enables cannabis operators to streamline their workflows and gain real-time access to data on the performance of their businesses. Enabling users to work more efficiently and arming them with insights on your key indicators paves the way to generate more revenue with higher margins while also improving your customer experiences.

    For a glimpse into what it takes to achieve digital transformation, check out this the Director of Horticulture Solutions at Velosio. Silver was the guest of a podcast hosted by Michael Murray during the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, September 27-28 in Chicago.

    The podcast discussion focused on digital transformation and why it is important for cannabis operators. “Digital transformation is about optimizing business processes and bringing them into one system,” Silver explained. “This approach is much more efficient than having disparate systems, which create silos of information.”

    With disparate systems, data is entered manually, and none of the systems talk to each other. To run the business, management teams are forced to rely on mountains of spreadsheets compiled manually from multiple systems and perhaps an entry-level accounting system like QuickBooks.

    “It often takes daily acts of heroism to get accurate inventory counts, product costing, and other performance metrics,” Silver points out.

    Solving the Digital Transformation Challenge

    To help cannabis operators take on the digital transformation challenge, Velosio offers SilverLeaf, an ERP solution built specifically for the cannabis industry.

    Within a single system, SilverLeaf facilitates every cannabis process—from cultivation to supply chain management, processing, production, sales, distribution, and financials. Built on the world-class ERP platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, SilverLeaf also provides a secure platform with cannabis functionality that streamlines compliance with state track-and-track regulations.

    “Many of our cannabis customers have found the combination of SilverLeaf and Business Central is appealing to their investors,” Silver adds. “Our team has collaborated with cannabis operators for the past seven years and has decades of ERP experience. We are also backed by the rest of the Velosio consulting team with deep expertise in Microsoft technologies—including AI, the cloud, Office, and Dynamics 365 CE.”

    Looking ahead, Velosio plans to enhance SilverLeaf by integrating the platform with environmental controls and AI to improve efficiency. “With the SilverLeaf front-end driving your workflows and the strong Business Central back-end, you can eliminate those daily acts of heroism performed by your staff just to get at your data,” says Silver. “Information will be right at your fingertips.”

    To learn more about Sara Silver’s passion for helping cannabis businesses operate more efficiently, check out her LinkedIn profile. To learn more about how SilverLeaf can help your cannabis business achieve digital transformation, visit the Velosio website.