DreamFields Achieves Seamless Integration with Leading Cannabis End-to-End Solution SilverLeaf

DreamFields now has a single unified login to one consolidated ERP platform. Learn how Velosio helped streamline DreamFields operations.

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    Client Overview

    DreamFields, the parent company of the popular cannabis brand Jeeter, began in California as a shared dream between three executives. With headquarters in Desert Hot Springs, CA, the team isDreamfields constantly looking for ways to expand and improve upon the dream. DreamFields has teamed with the finest cannabis industry operators, partners, consultants, and professionals. The team drives innovation, efficiency, and growth within the company and the legalized cannabis world.

    Disparate Systems and Plans for Growth

    When DreamFields first approached Velosio in 2021, they had a host of disparate IT systems which was crippling efficiency with dual and sometimes triple entry and costing too much money and time. The team used QuickBooks for financials, which did not integrate with Metrc, California’s required track-and-trace system used to track commercial cannabis activity and movement across the distribution chain (“seed-to-sale”). DreamFields also needed to integrate with LeafLink, which connects and streamlines cannabis online commerce. They were using Google Sheets and many additional spreadsheets to track data, and more.

    DreamFields had big growth plans to roll out the Jeeter brand to Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada, but knew they needed a better systems base to get them there. In a traditional business, it’s relatively simple to open a new factory or location, but with cannabis, regulatory requirements vary by state. With a critical eye on revenue and margins, the DreamFields executive team asked that the books be closed within five days of month-end, but it took the finance team an incredible number of hours – often 23-hour workdays – to do so with the disparate systems and inefficient processes. With multiple sources of information, nothing matched. Inventory management didn’t align with QuickBooks, and financial reporting was challenging, to say the least. It was nearly impossible to answer questions like: “how did we lose a half percent on margin last month” Additionally, the DreamFields team was struggling to incorporate accurate labor costing into their overall cost.

    End-to-end Solution

    Velosio presented an end-to-end solution to DreamFields which would solve their systems overload, including SilverLeaf, built directly on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. SilverLeaf is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built for agribusinesses, including cannabis growers and distributors. SilverLeaf incorporates all the features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with specific features designed and developed to take cannabis operations to a higher level.

    SilverLeaf helps cannabis business operators:

    • Understand the actual costs of producing each product.
    • Bring data to life with valuable dashboards created with Microsoft Power BI.
    • Demonstrate compliance and streamline audits with robust internal controls and rapid access to data.
    • Improve forecasting and optimize supply chain planning.
    • Track customer agreements to access details about prices, discounts, delivery dates, product availability, and fulfillment status.
    • Connect sales, finance, and operations with a single end-to-end solution.

    SilverLeaf is natively integrated with Metrc and LeafLink, a big win for DreamFields. Rounding out the proposed solution was Microsoft Power BI and Cosmos for reporting, Continia for expense management, Warehouse Insight for warehouse management, picking, packing and distribution, and Microsoft 365 for productivity.

    Implementation Highlights

    After selecting Velosio’s SilverLeaf solution, implementation first began at DreamFields’ California headquarters. Implementation for the organization’s global packaging group soon followed, and then rolled out in Michigan and Arizona, with special attention paid to each state’s regulatory guidelines. Because of regulation, when an order is manifested, every package shipped out must have a unique tag—a meticulous process to maintain accuracy for the state track and trace process. Unlike other distributors, you can’t simply pull and ship from a lot as every package
    is uniquely identified. With Velosio’s solution, the picking and packing team can now efficiently fulfill these meticulously tagged orders with the click of two buttons. Product fulfillment and shipping are now running more smoothly—shipments for over $1 million in revenue went out in one day—more than ever before.

    System Benefits

    DreamFields now has a single unified login to one consolidated ERP platform – saving time and money. Month-end close is much easier, and reporting is more accurate. Additional benefits include:

    • Forecasting and better visibility into
    • Increased visibility for real-time decision
    • Improved costing with integrated labor cost A template for future growth and state
    • Eliminated duplicate and triplicate data
      entry, data entry errors and inaccuracy
    • Simplified IT landscape